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Bad food is cause of depressions in Lagers
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Complaint letter about food in Lager at Niedstr 1-2 12159 #Berlin #LMG

Letter received by Lager Mobilisation Group – Berlin

Dear all,

In Soziale Initiative Niederlausitz e.V. Notunterkunft Niedstr 1-2 12159 Berlin, there is a huge problem with food.

Women complained to administration 100 times but they do not  listen. Last month a woman tried to kill herself because of being desperate that the food is bad and she cannot afford to buy herself food everyday. Today I get back to the Notunterkunft to find that women got very angry because of the disgusting smell of the food which look like garbage. and they broke some dishes.

The women maned a complaint in Arabic and over 40 signatures is on it and signatures are getting more(the place houses 400 women). We have to find a solution before these women get themselves into trouble because of being depressed of the food and the administration or carelessness.

So please tell me what to do and where to go with their complain. And which further actions they should take.

Warm regards,


Original letter


LMNB - Lager Mobilisation Network Berlin