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At Brienner Str Lager, people have said enough is enough #Berlin #LMG

In the last days, the life in the Lager at Brienner Str. 16, 10713 Berlin, has become unsustainable. Is well known that the conditions of the lagers of Berlin are always bad, there are always with problems with health, food, mistreatment of security hired by the responsible of the lager, hygienem, etc…

Now in lager at Brienner Str, people have said enough is enough. The triggering point of the protest was some days ago, a father was taking some bread from the kitchen to his kid, who was sick, and the security treating him as you can see in the videos below, as they often say, they are treated as animals.

Protest at lager Brienner Str. 16 10713 Berlin from Lager Watch on Vimeo.

Then they’ve decided to camp outside the Lager.Now around 50-60 people are denouncing the continuous abuses from the security, the existence of bedbugs affecting adults and children, the revolting food which was the cause why a woman wanted to take her life(she could not afford eating outside everyday), the prohibition to take food to the rooms, the lack of good hygienic conditions.

Once again we say loud and clear, we want the closure of all lagers and we want it now!!!

LMNB - Lager Mobilisation Network Berlin